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VI Церемония награждения

Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the USA and Direction of the «Silver Archer» USA Award

cordially invite you to be the guest at the Fourth Award Ceremony and the Reception in honor of laureates of Award in the field of Public Relations "Communications in the Global World", «Silver Archer» USA

Please RSVP and forward the following details below by  Thursday, January 27th, 2017  via email: yavdolyuk@luchnik.ru    marking in subject «SA-USA»

Applications for accreditation should include the following information: 

1 Full Name (First name and Last name)

2 Name of media house/company/association/government body/embassy/etc

3 Designation (e.g., reporter, photographer, title and  position of the specialist)

4 ID/passport number



Please note that a valid photo ID or national passport is required 

in order to check in at the registration desk before the event.

Thank you for cooperation.